Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this section will answer all of your questions about BahamaAds.  If you do not find the answer that you are looking for, please reach out to us by clicking the Contact link at the top or bottom of any page.

How Do I Sell An Item or Offer a Service?

You can list an item FREE on BahamaAds. BahamaAds only accepts ads for items or services within the Bahamas.

You must register to list an item.  Once you create an account, simply click on the +Post Your Ad button and complete the details of the item.

How Do I Register On BahamaAds?

To register. click the Login/Register icon to the top right and complete the short form.  An email is sent to the account provided and the registration is approved by the BahamaAds Administrator.  Once the account is approved, you can log in and post your FREE ad.

How Do I Get My Item At The Top Of The Listings?

There are a number of inexpensive paid plans that will allow your item to receive additional attention from visitors to BahamaAds:

  • Making an item Featured.
  • Putting an item on the Top.
  • Bump Up an item.

How Long Do My Listings Stay Live?

Free ads are listed for a year.  As the seller, you will see when your ads will expire. 

The paid ad will have an expiry date that depends on the plan that is purchased.

What Type Of Sellers Do You Have On BahamaAds?

Free Listers - Ten free ads listed for a year each.

Membership Plans - Paid plans to list more ads for a much longer period of time.  There are three Membership plans.

Regular Advertiser - Banner ads or on-page ads to appear on the side bar or the top/bottom of pages.  Contact us to find out more about pricing.

What Happens If My Item Does Not Sell/Rent?

BahamaAds does not guarantee that your items will be sold or rented.

BahamaAds is a classified ads listings website, we provide your item with great visibility to the hundreds of visitors to our website.

Adding Plans or Memberships will provide more visibility for your item or rental, so we encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities.

How Do I Buy/Rent An Item?

To purchase/rent an item that you see advertised, reach out to the seller.  The seller information is listed on the ad, so you are able to send an email, call or even chat with the seller to find out the availability of the item.  Simply hit the button on your choice of communication - it is located on the side of the listed item.

You do not need to register to buy/rent an item.

How To Get Product Support?

All requests or support of an item is through the seller.  BahamaAds is only a listing site, we do not facilitate sales or support.  If you are unsatisfied with the product, or with your experience, you can provide a rating or post a comment once you are registered on the site.

How Do I Report An Ad?

There is a Report Abuse link at the bottom of each ad, you can click on the link to report an ad.

How Do I Contact BahamaAds For All Queries?

There is a Contact link at the top and bottom of each page that has all of our contact information.

Additionally, complete the Send Us A Message form to provide us with more details about your query.  Most questions will receive a response by the next day.  The fastest way to contact us and receive a response is via email at or

Is BahamaAds Safe?

BahamaAds is a classified ads website which is a branch of its parent company BahamazaarBahamazaar is a Bahamas Government registered business for an online marketplace. has had thousands of visitors to our website and quite a number of vendors call our site 'home' to do business; buying and selling products.

Is Your Site Secure?

At BahamaAds the priority at all times is our buyer's and seller's security. We have gone to great lengths to ensure this is so.

Payments are processed by sending direct deposit to our Royal Bank Of Canada (RBC) that guarantees proof of payment and 24 hour monitoring and advanced encryption methods when dealing with customer's sensitive data and communications. Their fraud detection and prevention techniques are of the highest standard and they can be contacted any time for any related issue with a payment. BahamaAds does not store your card details and at no time do we share your email with any interested third party. Moreover, we are SSL certified, seen by the HTTPS green banner shown in the URL bar of BahamaAds. This means BahamaAds is a legitimate, and safe company and your sensitive data is secure.

How Do I Make Safe Payments?

As mentioned above, BahamaAds accepts payments 'Offline' or not through the website.  Payments can be transferred or deposited in our online business account through the Royal Bank of Canada using the information below:

Bank: RBC

Account Name: BAHAMAZAAR

Account Number: 054567163843