Classified ads in the Bahamas just got a lot more interesting with

Are you trying to sell an item in The Bahamas?  Are you looking to buy an item locally in The Bahamas?

You could be selling from anywhere in The Bahamas; Nassau, Andros, Exuma – it does not matter the island.  You could be selling anything; your car, house, boat – it doesn’t matter the item.

If you are looking to sell or to buy, you have a number of choices. For example, you can sell your car or boat through a local dealer and your house through a real estate agency, you can go for a trade in, or sell it to someone you know. We invite you to consider another option; to sell it or buy it yourself by publishing what you are trying to sell or what you are trying to buy through classified ads.

There are so many benefits to listing with us. Let’s explore some of the best ones.

Buying and selling quickly using classified ads

3 Reasons Why...


You simply can't beat free

No Middle Man

Show what you want to your audience and sell for your price.

lots of details

Space to say what you want.

Listing your item on BahamaAds classifieds is FREE.  You simply can't beat FREE.

You can list ten ads free on BahamaAds  for 30 days; so with no cost to you, there is nothing to lose.  

In other words, there is no need to spend any extra money out of your pocket to let the Bahamas know what you are selling. We help you to spread the word on what you are selling. Therefore, you can go ahead with the decision without thinking twice. is designed to publish classifieds for The Bahamas.

You can expect the best price and profit margin from selling your item free on  Since there is no cost to list and no middle man to pay, you can make the most out of your sale.

Additionally, you can reach thousands of potential buyers from one location.

When you pay to put your ad in the newspaper, you are limited by the space that you can use.  The more space that you use, the more money that you pay. lets you post your ad for free and you can add as much details that you would like with your item.

With newspaper ads, you may decide to include a picture (a tiny black and white), it depends on how much more money you want to spend.  With, you can include up to ten color photos that a user can zoom in and out of to get the best view.  You can also add a video and a link to your website.

This gives your potential customers the ability to find out as much as possible before they even reach out to you.  This saves time and effort and you quickly reduce the number of calls and empty leads.